Car Diagnostic Systems

Leverage our specialist knowledge


We can provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to diagnose and fix faults with both cars and trucks vehicles. Specialising in but not limited to German car manufactures, we can provide the most sophisticated software including but not limited to the following brands:

Keeping up to date


Buying from us not only gets you the most up to date diagnostic programs available on high quality laptops, you also get invaluable technical support, whether it be for how to use the diagnostic systems correctly and efficiently or for an extremely specific problem that is not often faced. There is always a tool to fix the problem at hand. We offer 1 years warranty on our diagnostic systems as well as free updates for a year.

If you have any questions regarding our diagnostic systems then we urge you to contact us. Our experienced team can figure out what is the most optimal tool needed for you just by asking a few questions over the phone.

AutoHex II

Autohex II is a powerful scan tool designed to fully meet your technical needs on a wide range of vehicle manufactures. Autohex II is packed with incredible functionality, an array of services and can rival any of the OEM tools used in dealerships.


With the constant advancements of automotive technology, you will certainly need a powerful scan tool. Autohex II is capable of many programming and special functions such as, key programming, adaptations, coding, ECU replacement and more. It provides essential services such as online technical support and pin codes.


This can all be found in the database library along with a members only forum where Autohex II users can share and strengthen their knowledge. To learn more about what this tool is truely capable of then check out our Autohex II section.


As well as offering individual remapping to customers, we also sell the complete kit needed to map cars yourself. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of how to actually re-write the maps that are read from the vehicle. We offer full support and training on how to actually use KESS v2 for remapping and unlocking ECUs.


It works by sending over the stock map over to ourselves with what needs done to the map (eg. Performance remap, EGR delete, speed limit remover etc.), within the hour we will send back the modified map so it can be written to the car.


Remapping ECUs is a rapidly growing industry and you could do it too with a skilled team to help you along the way. To learn more about ECU Remapping, you can find more information here.


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