BMW 535d Series Remap

In an ideal world, everybody would look after their car and fuel would be good quality everywhere you go. Since this isn’t the world we live in a Remap might be the best option for you

Recent Reviews


“Thanks guys cars a lot smoother, more mpg and a hell of a lot faster !”

Clare (East Kilbride, Glasgow)


“Had the remap done on my bmw today before i had it done it felt sluggish now its unleashed a beast better acceleration smother and more responsive if you have a bmw 1 get it remapped it needs it elite were fast efficient and very helpfull highly recommended thanks guys”

Colin (Glasgow)


“They carried out stage 1 remap on my car, its taken it to a new level. so much smoother and the power. the car just pulls all the way.”

Stevie (Clarkston)

If it's that easy why don't Manufacturers do it?

This is a common question. There are several reasons that manufacturers don’t supply the car or van already maximised as far as performance and economy go. The first is that manufacturers focus mainly on reliability. Some people look after their cars, regularly servicing them and taking good care of them. Some don’t do anything other than put fuel in. There are also different grades of fuel, depending on where you are.


In an ideal world, everybody would look after their car and fuel would be good quality everywhere you go. Since this isn’t the world we live in, then if manufacturers are more inclined to err on the side of safety and supply their vehicle at a less than optimal tune, then there’s a higher chance of it lasting longer.


This means that the manufacturer gets a reputation for reliability as their cars are less likely to break down. If you are prepared to service your car, look after it a bit, and also use good fuel, then having the engine remapped won’t be an issue.


The other issue is that manufacturers often have a range of vehicles, and the most powerful vehicles in the range are usually the most expensive. Manufacturers often stifle the performance of engines to make sure there is a clear difference in power as you step up the range. In some cases, you can buy a cheaper version of the car or van and then remap it to equal or beat the next model in the range.

Better Fuel Economy

If you go easy on the accelerator, remapping could help to increase your car’s mpg and overall fuel economy. You’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint.

Better Control and Drive-ability

With an enhanced throttle and engine response, your car will feel smoother and easier to drive.

More Power

If you use your vehicle to tow a heavy trailer or caravan or climb gradients often, remapping will give it extra power, so it won’t have to work so hard when climbing or accelerating.

What are the benefits of remapping your BMW 535d Series?

Car manufacturers are known to program their models’ Electronic Control Unit’s so that they are not performing at peak efficiency. This allows them to release a sportier model with a more efficient engine by simply reprogramming the ECU and making small design tweaks. Remapping your car means you can get the most out of your engine – improving performance, fuel efficiency and responsiveness.


Improved engine performance is another way of saying more speed and more power. The increase in horsepower you’ll get from remapping depends on what sort of engine you have. For example, you could get an increase of as much as 40-50 brake horse power for a turbo engine. It may be lower in other engines. Many remapping services also boast an increase in torque of up to 80 Newton metres. In other words, it’ll feel faster!


In regard to improved fuel efficiency, this really depends on how you drive your car. Rushing through gears, sudden and fast acceleration, speeding and sudden braking can have a negative effect on your fuel economy consuming more by up to 40%. While this is true whether you remap your engine or not, the combination of remapping and smooth driving will offer better fuel efficiency than good driving on its own.

Diesel Engine Benefits

  • Increased horsepower
  • Increased torque
  • Better throttle response
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Safer overtaking

What does ECU remapping do to a BMW 535d Series?

As mentioned above, remapping allows you to alter the performance of your vehicle by altering how the engine drives the car, however, it’s how the driver chooses to use the tuned car that ultimately decides what effects the ECU tuning will have. For example, it’s a common belief that remapping a vehicle has no effect on fuel economy, however, this technically isn’t true. As the result of ECU remapping, a car usually sees an increase in power, which can come at the expense of higher fuel consumption. Owners will often drive their cars more ‘enthusiastically’ after remapping, accelerating quicker when possible to enjoy the noticeable difference in output their car has, and therefore, further increasing fuel usage.


On the other hand, if the driver chooses to change their driving habits to make the most of the increased power and torque throughout the ‘rev range’ and gear changes, then fuel economy can be improved. It really comes down to how the driver chooses to use the tuned car which decides how economic it becomes. Remapping a vehicle can also have an immediate effect on speed and power; in some cases, remappers claim to have increased horsepower by 30-40bhp, and torque up to 80nm!


A car’s engine can also become more responsive, allowing the driver to overtake more easily. This can also cut down on the number of gear changes the driver has to make, allowing them to handle situations that require more torque without dropping down to lower gears. Again, this can help boost fuel economy if used strategically.

Recent Reviews


“I have had previous cars mapped by other companies in the past, none of which compare to this company. The big difference I experienced was the initial telephone conversation was,helpful, friendly and informative, which was really reassuring”

Andrew (Southside, Glasgow)


“Hi Guys just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the map performance is totally amazing I am still getting used to the extra power each time I use the car I am shocked by how much extra torque is available and how early it comes”

Jason (West End, Glasgow)


“Booked into Glasgow to get my 2019 car remapped, they have done my previous cars with excellent resut’s. Friendly service, explained things well, can’t fault them. On driving away immediately noticed the difference, quicker throttle response, more torque, felt like a different car. Looking forward to improved MPG as a bonus.”

Christian (Paisley)

Why should you consider remapping your BMW 535d Series?

Many people might wonder ‘Is remapping a car good or bad?” As with all car modifications and maintenance, remapping a vehicle does come with risks and downsides, so it’s worth bearing these in mind before you decide to go ahead with the process.


There are two primary reasons for wanting a remap, and they’re called power and torque. When your car left the factory there’s a very good chance its performance was deliberately muted in order to meet product planning objectives or economy and efficiency targets. These days the power and performance of most cars is limited, not by any particular mechanical factor, but by the software running in the engine control unit (ECU). Computer algorithms running behind the scenes while you’re driving a modern car affect all sorts of parameters, such as ignition timing, air/fuel ratio and turbocharging boost pressure.


So if you want greater performance and pulling power from your car, or alternatively if you’re seeking mpg improvements, the first place to look is the little black box under the bonnet. Here at Auto Express we receive plenty of emails asking advice about ECU software changes, and we’ve compiled this guide to explore the pros, cons and costs. Chipping turbo diesel engines can increase economy by seven to 10 per cent, because it adds torque lower down the rev range. This means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard as before.


It’s these turbo diesel engines (often known as TDI, HDi, CDTi depending on the manufacturer) that are cornerstone of the car chipping industry because an engine chip or software upgrade can cheaply add so much to the performance.

There isn’t much point having a remap unless everything else is in good condition as it will detract from the positives you will see from the remapping process, so it’s a good idea to get your vehicle checked over first before you go ahead with the remap

It’s important to remember that not all cars can be remapped, usually due to their age. Typically, cars produced before 2000 are too old and don’t feature the car remapping software needed to optimise the vehicle’s performance.

Chipping and remapping are both methods used for improving a car’s performance. Much like the inside of your laptop or mobile phone, an ECU comprises a motherboard and microchips. While remapping changes the software that the unit runs, ‘chipping’ involves physically replacing the main computer chip with a new, pre-programmed one.

Chipping is a more risky process than remapping as it requires the mechanic to open the engine control unit, leaving it vulnerable to damage. Since OBD ports became mandatory in Europe for petrol cars in 2001 and diesel cars in 2003, ‘chipping’ is usually saved for models that pre date this era.

Accordion Depending on what your requirements are and your driving style depends on what your fuel economy will be. If you go for an outright maximum power output and drive it as so, you can expect to see it decrease as it would without the map. If you get the map to increase torque low down and drive conservatively then it is likely that fuel economy will increase. Please note that fuel economy gains are only likely on turbo diesel engines, petrol engines generally stay the same with some reporting slight improvements, never a loss.

The beauty of the remap is that this process is completely reversible without any trace.

No one can say for 100% certainty that the remap will be undetectable. However, the modification to the software will not show up on any main dealer diagnostic equipment and therefore unless you tell them that it has been done, they will be none the wiser.

Remapping may increase your insurance premium, but you can find a good deal by using a specialist insurer, who offer insurance tailored for owners of modified cars. You must declare that your car has been remapped regardless of the insurer you choose (or your policy could be invalidated).


Driving your car after its been remapped will feel different. Most drivers will adapt after a few trips in a freshly tuned car, but for some drivers may not enjoy the new driving experience as much as they had hoped. Thankfully, remapping is completely reversible!

If you have a fairly new car, one of the biggest downsides is that remapping your engine will most likely invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. You could remap your car once your warranty expires, or you may be willing to take the risk – it’s up to you.


It is possible for your engine to be damaged by remapping, but the chances of this happening are very slim. However, we will offer a lifetime warranty on the software they install on your ECU anyway.

Completely Not, while there is extra performance available from the engine, this isn’t the only benefit. As long as you’re willing to drive normally, then you can also get an increase in MPG. It depends on the vehicle, but some people report up to 5 MPG more after remapping, so if you do enough miles then you can recoup the money that the remap costs. You have to remember that a heavy right foot will still use fuel, whether it’s remapped or not!

What are Brake Horse Power and Torque?

Brake horsepower (BHP) is the measure of an engine’s horsepower before the loss in power caused by the gearbox, alternator, differential, water pump, and other auxiliary components such as power steering pump, muffled exhaust system, etc. Brake refers to a device which was used to load an engine and hold it at a desired rotational speed.


During testing, the output torque and rotational speed were measured to determine the brake horsepower. Horsepower was originally measured and calculated by use of the “indicator” (a James Watt invention of the late 18th century), and later by means of a De Prony brake connected to the engine’s output shaft.

More recently, an engine dynamometer is used instead of a De Prony brake. Although the output delivered to the driving wheels is less than that obtainable at the engine’s crankshaft, a chassis dynamometer gives an indication of an engine’s “real world” horsepower after losses in the drive train and gearbox. This gives a reasonably accurate indication of how a wheeled vehicle engine will perform once on the road.

Brake Horse Power


“Great service. My car feels so much more responsive.”

Tommy (Glasgow)


“Booked my A4 in within a few days, on the day they even did my mates BMW there and then. Huge difference in both cars, guys there are really sound!”

Christoper & Kenny (Glasgow/Clarkston)


“So happy with my Audi TT very professional and I can really feel the difference!”

Jenny (Glasgow)


Torque is the twisting force created in an engine by rotating parts; horsepower is the measurement of how fast torque is being used. Horsepower and torque work hand-in-hand, as horsepower is calculated from torque.

For the average buyer, torque shouldn’t be a deciding factor unless you know you’ll be towing or hauling heavy loads. And that’s where high-torque vehicles will do well, driving while towing a trailer or maxing out cargo capacity. It will be easier to accelerate and sustain speed with a high-torque car in any situation, but especially with heavy loads.

High performance cars can also produce gobs of torque that greatly aid in acceleration. That feeling of your eyeballs being sucked into the back of your head in a fast car during heavy right-foot pounding is an example of excessive torque.

Should you remap your BMW 535d Series?

If you aren’t an expert in the industry it is not advisable to remap your own car. Choosing us to carry out the remapping is a good way to reduce the risk of anything going wrong. A more established business that provides a remapping service that offers a lifetime warranty on the replacement software, giving you a safety net should you notice any issues in the future.


Remapping can also affect your insurance premiums. It’s very important that you inform your insurance company of this (or any other) modification, so you do not risk leaving your policy invalid should you need to make a claim. Some insurers refuse to insure a vehicle that has been remapped, so it may well be worth checking with them beforehand to see how the process would affect your premiums, and if the increased prices are worth the increased performance!


If you are looking for a way to get the most from your current vehicle, a performance remap may well be the answer. The process has many benefits as well as downsides, we are more than happy to explain those to you before you decide to go ahead.

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