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"Fantastic company to deal with , really friendly and knowledgeable! Better results than I was expecting on my car too ! Will definitely be recommending"
Duncan Campbell
"Great service got everything I was looking and more performance that expected definitely due again"
Robert Scott Walker

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Core Services

To manufacturers tuning is a often a compromise. We rewrite or ECU Remap the vehicles engine software to safely gain more power and torque.

We can refurbish a broken key to reduce costs to and get you on your way without having to have your vehicle towed to a dealership.

Engine Control Units are one of the core workings in any modern vehicle, failure of this device will often result in the vehicle refusing to function properly or at all.

What our customers say about us...

"Had my mk6 golf diesel done was an amazing transformation made some difference to the speed, torque and performance."
William Hunter
"Fantastic company to deal with , really friendly and knowledgable ! Better results than I was expecting on my car too ! Will definitely be recommending"
Duncan Campbell
"Great service, i had my Mercedes E350 re-mapped here. highly recommended."
Philip Thorley
"Remap on Audi A6 diesel Fast friendly and very efficient well priced! Thanks David!"
Bryan Patterson
"Had my golf mk7 remapped here very friendly and great service. Would highly recommend"
Ryan Agnew
"Great service got everything I was looking and more performance that expected definitely due again"
Robert Scott Walker

ECU Remapping

Why don't manufacturers do it?

The engine has to suit the average driving conditions in each country to reduce the chance of problems occurring.

  • They want to sell vehicles worldwide
  • It gives them more ability to generate revenue by not doing it
  • it give them a competitive edge when marketing new vehicles
  • Fuel and emissions means its just not possible in regions

What We Offer

Balanced - The perfect mixture of power and economy

Unlocking the full torque and power ranges in effectively all turbo diesel engines to give a fantastic driving experience, altering the torque distribution for a more optimal power delivery throughout all rev ranges, all while providing enhanced fuel consumption.

Performance - Unleash the full power of your engine

Made for when you require every last drop of power out of your car. Available for both petrol and diesel engines, sharpening up the throttle response combined with a more optimised acceleration. The Performance map provides an unparalleled driving experience, just what every car enthusiast loves.

Economy - More miles out the same tank

Designed for the sole purpose of improving fuel economy on turbo diesel vehicles. Modifying the engines torque limits at lower rpm will allow the car to gain better economy whilst still providing better performance. 

Key Coding Services

Need a replacement or refurbished key?

Our professional technicians are able to learn, program and code a huge variety of keys and remotes to cars, bikes and trucks at a fraction of the main dealers price.

  • Complete replacement key
  • Broken key refurbishment
  • Lost key replacement
  • Bought a car with only one key?

Control Unit Repairs

Engine Control Units are one of the core workings in any modern vehicle, failure of this device will often result in the vehicle refusing to function properly or at all.


Although ECUs are sealed with a water tight adhesive, water damage is still the most common problem faced when dealing with faulty or damaged ECUs.

Moisture is still able to leak into the control unit by bypassing the water tight seal and seeping through the loom. For all your repair needs

Highlight Review


“Had a stage 1 remap done today on my Ford Focus and the difference is unrecognisable. smoother pull offs , increased mpg , improved throttle response and much more pull in the turbo now thanks to the friendly helpful staff at Pro Diagnostic Solutions in Glasgow. really happy with the results and would highly recommend getting this!”


Christopher (Airdrie)

Diesel Particulate Filters Deletion

Cost saving and less warnings

A diesel particulate filter is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter, often referred to as soot from the exhaust gas of diesel vehicles.

However they can and do cause problems due to a fundemental flaw. Short and low speed journeys will result in clogging up the filter which can be around £1500 for a replacement.

Disabling the DPF through remapping will stop any warning lights often caused by the filters and save on the costly repair bills. Additional benefits of this procedure are; increase in fuel economy and boosted performance.

Highlight Review


“Could not recommend these guys enough definitely best remappers in Glasgow I’ve had my car remaps from lots of different company’s in the past but these guys are far the best out there so if your looking to get your car remap look no further go to these guys they are spot on to very friendly service same day appointment also what more could you ask for simply the best and transformed my car to a different level it’s very fast now feels like am driving a m3 not a tts”


Colin (Hamilton)

Exhaust Gas Re-circulation

Reduce carbon build up and increase efficiency

Exhaust Gas Re circulation valves work by rerouting exhaust gas back into the air intake in an effort to reduce emissions. This inevitably causes a build up of carbon within the valves which can cause mechanical failure.


Reprogramming the ECU to remove the EGR will result in a more efficient engine with lower running temperatures and prolonging the life of the engine by reducing the build up of carbon deposits.

Highlight Review


“Hi Guys just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the map performance is totally amazing I am still getting used to the extra power each time I use the car I am shocked by how much extra torque is available and how early it comes.


But most shocking of all is even though I took the Stage 2 option with dpf delete I am actually saving fuel too its doing another 4mpg which I never expected but is very welcome.”


David (Glasgow)

The latest from our blog

There are many reason to have a blog but for us, we meet people and machines every day which teach us something new and allow us to show off our expertise in our field. It would be remiss of us not to share that knowledge which can provide real and genuine benefit to people whom we might never meet from places near and far.


We love what we do and as such we take pride in being able to share our hands on experience and knowledge in cars, life and everything please take the time to have a look as we only take the time to put together useful information with real world application and benefits.

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