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By reading and altering the stock map that was extracted from the ECU's memory, the full performance of the engine can be unleashed. This is done by changing factors within the map such as the pressure level of fuel, torque distribution, throttle control and more.

ECU-Remapping will boost both the power of the engine and the torque, as well as expanding the power band and a more nimble throttle response. With a wider torque window, the power delivery with be more linear delivering a more exciting drive. Manufactures restrict the power of the vehicles to meet with certain rules and regulations but it is completely legal to remap the ECU to expose the extra power and torque that was sealed away.

Another massive advantage of remapping is the improvement in fuel economy. By having increased torque throughout the entire power band, the engine doesn't need to consume as much fuel as it takes less throttle input to keep a steady speed than before.



Balanced - The perfect mixture of power and economy

Unlocking the full torque and power ranges in effectively all turbo diesel engines to give a fantastic driving experience, altering the torque distribution for a more optimal power delivery throughout all rev ranges, all while providing enhanced fuel consumption.

Economy - More miles out the same tank

Designed for the sole purpose of improving fuel economy on turbo diesel vehicles. Modifying the engines torque limits at lower rpm will allow the car to gain better economy whilst still providing better performance. The Economy map is programmed to always keep your engine at the optimal window for maximum fuel efficiency, this is achieved by encouraging gear changes to ensure you stay within the optimal zone. Immensely popular amongst taxi drivers and long distance drivers, where saved fuel is profit.

Performance - Unleash the full power of your engine.

Made for when you require every last drop of power out of your car. Available for both petrol and diesel engines, sharpening up the throttle response combined with a more optimised acceleration. The Performance map provides an unparalleled driving experience, just what every car enthusiast loves.


2012 A-CLASS

DPF Delete

A diesel particulate filter is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter, often referred to as soot from the exhaust gas of diesel vehicles. However they can and do cause problems due to a fundemental flaw. Short and low speed journeys will result in clogging up the filter which can be around £1500 for a replacement.

Disabling the DPF through remapping will stop any warning lights often caused by the filters and save on the costly repair bills. Additional benefits of this procedure are; increase in fuel economy and boosted performance.

EGR Delete

Exhaust Gas Recirculation valves work by rerouteing exhaust gas back into the air intake in an effort to reduce emissions. This inevitably causes a build up of carbon within the valves which can cause mechanical failure. Reprogramming the ECU to remove the EGR will result in a more efficient engine with lower running temperatures and prolonging the life of the engine by reducing the build up of carbon deposits.